I have tried to make it easy by providing links below each item.

Note: Not all supplies are needed for every course.  I tried to put an explanation by each product that will help you understand what class the item would potentially be used in.)


Air Brush Options for Flower course

Master AirBrush  More Powerful Airbrush


Small airbrush Works for Flower Course


Alcohol Ink Options

Jaquard Alcohol inks- One of my favorite starter kits


Tim Holz Alcohol Inks full pack (This line is really great, If you are starting out, it could be a great option for you)

Tim Holz Alcohol Ink Favorite set (This is not my favorite set, but that is what it is called.)


New Tim Holz Ranger AI Colors 2020 release (This is my favorite set, but if you get this you will need browns)


Alcohol Ink Pallet- (Great for alcohol ink.  Ink dries in pallet and can be reactivated with alcohol)


Blending Solution- More expensive than alcohol but it works.



Marker Options



Shuttle Art Markers 88 pack- (Option for Animal Class)


Shuttle Art 51 colors- (Option for Animal Class)


Copic Blending Pen- (Must have for alcohol inking.  It can remove color for detail, mess-ups or blend color)


Posca Pen Options

(Used for many things, detailing, doodling etc..)



White Posca Pen 3 diff sizes- (Good for highlights on flower centers and on animals)


Posca Ultra Fine Point Set of 12 Color- I often use Posca in mixed media.


Posca 6 pens black and white 3 diff sizes each- (Good for animal class adding detail)


Detail Pen Options



Faber-Castell Pitt black set of 4 different sized – (Good for animal class adding detail)


Faber-castell Pitt Sepia set of 4 different sizes- (Good brown color for adding detail to animals)


White Signo Uniball Pen- (Can be used in animal class for highlighting)


Uchida LePen Black 4 set- (Can be used in animal class for detail)


Uchida Le pen Color 10 Pack- if you want more colors.


Crafting accessories

 I find these helpful for organization and set up



Selfie Light- Attaches to your desktop. (Great for lighting your space)


Self healing mat- (Good mat to have for your craft space._


Nail Polish Holder- (Fantastic for organizing your inks on a desk top)


Alcohol ink accessories


Dental Applicator tips- (Great for making flower centers)


Dental Wells- disposable ink pallet (You will see me use this in my videos)

  • 2 holes


  • 4 holes


MASKING FLUID (Good for animal and flower classes)


Rubber Roller for adhering paintings to boxes



Substrate Options


Kirkland Photo Paper 8.5x11- (My go to for my art, its inexpensive and works great)


Kirkland Photo Paper 5x7


Yupo 5x7- (Better quality substrate, more expensive)


Yupo 9x12


Yupo 11x14


Heavyweight Yupo- Good if you are applying heat to your paintings.  It doesn’t warp as easily.


Heavyweight Yupo


Duralar 9x12- can be used in either class. 

(Slightly translucent so you can paint on backside used in animal and flower classes)


Duralar 11x14

Mineral Paper 9x12- Slightly translucent so you can paint on backside

(Slightly translucent so you can paint on backside used in animal and flower classes)


Mineral Paper 11x14

Liquitex Gel Medium 8oz- For adhering paintings to cradle boards


Resin and Pigment options

(I have not worked with any other brand)


Art Resin 16 oz


Art Resin 32 oz


Art Resin Gallon


Art Resin 2 Gallon


Black Diamond Pigments Blue Spectrum- good for making resin ocean paintings


Cradled Wood Panels


9x12 5 pack Cradled wood panels


8x10 5 pack Cradled wood panels


12x12 4 pack  Cradled wood panels


8x8 5 pack Cradled wood panels