Frequently asked questions

Do you take commissions?

Yes, Commissions are my favorite thing to do. Contact me to discuss. I think of commissions as collaborations. We work together to bring your idea to life.

Do you do wall murals?

YES! I do INDOOR wall murals. I work no higher than 10 feet. Walls must be ready to paint. I do not do base painting. For pricing information, contact me. Pricing depends on detail of project.

What is Creative Warriors Membership?

Creative Warriors membership is a passion project. Art helped me through some really rough times. I became certified as an Art4Healing Facilitator and I have created an amazing online community for women who have survived abuse, loss or trauma. We use journaling and painting techniques designed for self discovery. Our goal is to be a safe, supportive community where women can find their artistic voice, feel supported, get inspiration and have fun with art. The membership is located on a platform called "Teachable" where all of my online courses are found, but we also have a facebook community.

What is the Creative Artpreneur Membership?

I teach paint parties both online and in person. I am constantly designing new paintings every season for my parties. I also design supply lists, step by step instructions and social media posts for each painting. People are constantly asking me permission to use my designs. SO, I had a thought... why not put together a membership where I house all of my designs and add new ones every month? All current members will have access to all of my designs as long as they are a paying member. Members can edit all of my marketing materials with an easy swap of a logo. I also have a training on how to edit the materials. So stop creating your own designs and let me do it all for you! In the membership you will have access to all of the following:

  • Painting example (photo of painting for reference)
  • Tracer
  • Supply List (Branded to painting) Easily editable to drop in your own logo)
  • Step By Step Instruction Sheets (Also easily editable)
  • Facebook Banner and Post
  • Instagram Story Post and Feed Post
  • You also get permission to view my live painting tutorial
    • Note: you must make your own video for distribution

What is the Painting of the Month Tribe?

In this membership, you will receive a real time painting tutorial each month. I also host a Facebook Live "Paint Party" once per month for all members to join and paint together, ask questions and support eachother. There may be raffles and prizes each month too (SHHHH)

What is the Creative Synergy Membership Bundle?

Kimberly Deene and Virginia Crowe have over 70 Pre recorded tutorials housed on their facebook group. To gain access to all of the tutorials, you can purchase the bundle. Once you have made your purchase, you will then be given a link to join the Facebook Page where you can watch all of the videos at your own pace. You can find a link to the bundle under ONLINE CLASSES.

What is the Alcohol Ink Bundle?

I have bundled my Flower, Animal and Landscape Alcohol Ink classes together for a savings of $54. To access the bundle click on Onlne Classes.

Do you teach in person Paint Parties?

YES I am in Southern Orange County. I will travel up to 20 miles from San Juan Capistrano. My minimum is 10 people. I typically do back yard style paint parties, but if the host wants to rent a location, I am fine with that. Typical Pricing: (Special projects may change pricing) Host=Free Each Person = $45 per person (Up to 10 People) Each Person = $40 per person (11-20 people) Each Person = $35 per person (21-50 people) I must know the exact number of guests 24 hours before the party. A deposit will be required and depends on number of guests. Host must provide tables and chairs (Sometimes tables and chairs are not needed) Host must provide trash cans (I bring trash bags) Host provides food and drink if necessary I bring: Canvas or selected painting surface All Paints and supplies needed for selected project Table Coverings Disposable Aprons Baby Wipes for cleaning up hands