Frequently asked questions

Tell me more about your online classes.

You have lifetime access to my classes. Once you have paid and generated a user name and password, you will always have access to my classes. Classes are self paced so you can access them at any time from the comfort of your own home.

How do commissions work? What type of commissions do you offer?

Portraits in Alcohol Ink (Black Grey and White only) Pet Portraits in Alcohol Ink (Color or Black, Grey and White) Animal pictures in Alcohol Ink (Color or Black, Grey and White) Abstract Acrylic Pours and Alcohol inks can be discussed. We will decide together what type of look uyou want and what colors you want used. Abstract work is very unpredictable but I always make sure my clients are happy. Contact me for any commissioned work by email and we can arrange an appointment to discuss.

How do I take Art Classes with you if I want more than what is available in your class list?

If you are local, we can arrange a location for in person classes.
I teach Group and Individuals both at my home art studio and on location I can teach via Facetime or ZOOM

How do I book a party? What type of painting parties do you offer?

Contact me to book a party. I customize each party to your needs and there are endless possibilities of what we can do: Acrylic Pouring (Multiple different types of pours) Alcohol Ink Flowers Alcohol Ink Abstracts Christmas Ornaments Alcohol Ink Painted White Ceramics (This can be anything, cups, vases, ring dishes, etc..) Alcohol Ink Cards